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How Much Should My Renovation Cost?

How Much Should My Renovation Cost?

Where do we start? A home renovation has tons of moving parts and at the same time, each home is unique… So, how much should your renovation cost? The simple answer is… There is no simple answer. Without doing the proper research and finalizing fine details including material selection/layout/structural, there’s a lot of “unknowns”. Lets go over those 3 details that can drastically change a projects budget.

Material Selection

Pictured below are 2 kitchen faucets. Both of these do the exact same thing. One is priced at $80.00 and the other? $4000.00. That’s a huge difference of $3920.00!! Now imagine every single item in your kitchen renovation has these large price differences. Think of the kitchen cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen appliances, tile, hardwood, the list goes on. Lets do some quick math. If each one of these items listed had a $4000.00 range, that could bring a project priced at $80000.00 up to $104000.00! These are very important items to finalize before any construction begins so that the budget doesn’t suddenly increase during the project. Our pre construction process ensures that we have everything picked out and ordered prior to beginning the project.


90% of our jobs require some form of structural. Mainly being, removing a wall or 2. These days all of our kitchen renovations and home renovations lean towards the “open concept” design. Removing a wall isn’t as simple as taking a hammer and breaking it down. Some walls are holding up your entire floor/roof! Hiring an engineer and doing the necessary site research is not something that is optional. Imagine starting a project thinking you can remove a wall, only to find out its structural? This could be a huge unexpected increase to your budget! Two tips here.. One, hire a qualified contractor that knows what they are doing. Two, do the proper research before starting the project. The structural aspect of your renovation cost is significant, so maybe removing a wall isn’t in the budget… this could change the layout of everything which is fine, but we don’t want to find that out during the project. This will cause major delays and extra costs.


• We categorize our projects into two types: “re and re” or “complete remodel”.

• A “re/re” is remove and replace. Meaning that we are keeping the same layout, not really changing much mechanical/removing walls/changing the space. This would be on the lower end of the budget (obviously) and a lot less intrusive to your home while living during the renovation.

• A “complete remodel” will be changing the entire space and layout. This could include removing walls, relocating kitchens/laundry rooms/bathrooms to different areas, moving around mechanical items etc.  These types of projects are much more expensive than a re/re and take a lot more time.


So, how much does a renovation cost?

 I think we can agree now that there’s no simple answer to that. Being and design/build firm located in Aurora, we first go through our pre construction process and work within our clients budget. After an initial consultation to go over the scope and project, we will come up with a rough budget for the home renovation and go from there. Our design company, Se7en Interiors, will bring your visions to life so you can better understand materials and how they will look. Using 3D rendering programs we are able to show you exact products in their exact places that look like real life! During this process we play around with not only material selections, but layout, furniture placement, electrical layout/ feature lighting, and much more all while working within a realistic budget. Click here to see OUR PROCESS. Thinking about that kitchen renovation or full home major renovation? Give us a call or fill out our contact form. We would love to add you to our list of happy customers!