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Kitchen Trends to Watch for in 2020

Kitchen Trends to Watch for in 2020

Double Islands!

Seems excessive at first but its gaining trend as people are spending more time in the kitchen! It’s amazing the ideas that take off. This one is situational for most as space is required. So if you’ve got the space this could help compartmentalize and use up wasted space! 

Open Shelving

We love the idea! Cabinets are great and all, but having some areas in the kitchen that are exposed is a really cool look and is hot idea in 2020. If you’re tidy and want that exposed look this is a great idea to explore.


More and more we’re seeing people bring color to their kitchens. White kitchens are very popular and probably will be for a while but we’ve been seeing rich and vibrant options being explored all of the time such as gold, navy blue and even red! Let us figure a color palette out for you and prototype design. We’ve got designers whom dream of exploring interesting color options!

Kitchen Gadgets!

Technology has entered the kitchen in full force.  More and more ideas are coming to life. Check out some of the cool gadgets ideas trending below: 

• Fridges – Tons of new features here but one that is mind blowing is egg sensors. You can now check which eggs are turning first!

• Cocktail platforms that expose a second

• A huge array of sensory managed cabinets and cupboards

• Sensory faucets to reduce water usage.

• Smart systems to manage lighting too!

If you’re unsure where to begin, start by giving us a call. It all takes time and we’re here to help all of the way. Our process is designed to eliminate a lot of issues that arise when you go with other contracts. Careful planned out schedules and properly managed teams help everything come together