Aurora Kitchen Renovation

Aurora Kitchen Renovation

Pictured here is the kitchen as a part of a complete renovation in Aurora, ON. Its hard to tell from the picture, but this project had a very complex structural requirement involved in order to remove some walls. The entire project was based upon the load bearing wall removal. After being reviewed by the engineers, the job was trickier than expect. This is why we take the planning of a project so seriously. All factors must be accounted for prior to work commencement.


The structural involved many material lifts, temporary walls, steel beams/columns and lots of welding. Every project has their own hurdles, and in this project, it was the structural. It was all taken care of by our team of experience carpenters and trades. Our inspections were passed and we moved on to the next part of construction.


Always make sure you hire a qualified local contractor to perform the work. Do your due diligence and get referrals, check online reviews and ask questions. In this case, an experienced team was needed to perform the work. 7 years ago we probably wouldn’t have had the knowledge to perform this task as smoothly, or at all. On an ending note, here is a quote we believe in strongly:

 “ The cheapest ones always end up being the most expensive”


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