How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

This is a question we get asked a lot. What is the answer ? Well there are many factors to consider when doing any home renovation. Unfortunately its not as simple as one size fits all. Kitchen cabinets, flooring, appliances, all have different price “tiers” which affect the over all pricing of course. The province/country in which you live also has an impact on pricing. So for the sake of this article, we are going to base the pricing around our local market, Aurora, Ontario. A lot of these TV shows people watch are taking place in states/provinces where the minimum wage/cost of living is much lower or high than where you might live.

Now the next factor to consider is the scope of work on this renovation. Most of the time, kitchen renovations tend to “snowball” and expand the scope of work. Usually a kitchen remodel ends up being the whole main floor, powder room, laundry room, mud room etc. Of course the renovations can be kept in one area, but they usually don’t. Then you might think “well they are already here, might as well do a bathroom renovation and finish the basement”.

Kitchens involve a lot of mechanical items such as new plumbing locations, bigger ducting for updated range hoods, updated light solutions. Again, all items that will affect the pricing. Now when we get into moving all these locations of mechanical, we get into ripping up more of the house to run all the new lines. See where this is headed? Yup that’s right, time to renovate the whole main floor.

Finishes. This is where the pricing really fluctuates. For example, if our Tier 2 pricing for kitchen cabinets is… lets say.. $20000.00. That would make our Tier 5 pricing closer to $30000.00. Same thing goes for counter tops, tile, hardwood, fixtures etc.

Here at Kustom Contracting,  we take the planning and designing very seriously prior to starting the project. We will first design the space, solidify the scope of work, prepare millwork drawings and choose finishes prior to the renovation start date. This not only firms up the budget, but allows us to order all material/finishes before we destroy your house. The last thing you want is to have missing pieces to the puzzle and your house be sitting with no work being done.

Now, back to the questions of how much does a kitchen renovation cost? There is no firm cost until there is a firm scope. A realistic budget to expect? On your typically suburban builder home, $80,000.00 . Again, remember all the factors we just went over. Lots of room to go over that budget and potentially under that as well.

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