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Home Renovations - Full or Part?

Home Renovations - Full or Part?

Renovating should I do all of it, or one room at a time. We get this question asked quite often. Getting it all done is a great way to improve the quality of life in your home and also increase your home value. But many ask how much should be done?

There are several reasons to do everything at once. The first is to maintain an integrated style around your home. Picking up designs down the road poses issues such as discontinued products leaving you matching or having to buy hard to find or even worse custom designs.

The second reason is time. Spreading out home renovations can give you that never ending feeling of incomplete. We often see happier clients when we get it all done in one job. Along with spreading things out the total length across all projects increases quite a bit as many days of deliveries, equipment arrivals and scheduling staff needs to be worked out again for each job.

Keeping things cohesive is a huge savings if you do in fact want to renovate several parts of your home in one shot. This makes life easier for a designer and a contractor, trust us on that.

Now if budget is a problem that is fine, we do things in stages all of the time. Each of our customers has designs we keep stored so we can revisit later on. If product lines concerns you, ask us. We’re very familiar with what products tend to stick around. If this is an issue you can also buy some of those materials before and stock-pile them for your next tier of renovations. So rest assure we can revisit that next in line renovation without any headaches.

Lastly, and quite important is wether you're able to temporarily relocate during those renovations. If at all possible consider renting, staying with friends or family during the scope of the project is a very smart choice. We've had clients living through the stages of their home renovation and always regret that decision.

Wether you go full or part home renovation we can get the job done. 

Are you looking to get some of all of your home renovated? Please see our contact form and set up a consultation! We take care of the design/build, and everything along the way.