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Kitchen Design - Work Triangle

Kitchen Design - Work Triangle

If you are a person whom loves cooking, then the kitchen is probably one of your most important places to keep clean and organized. You don’t need studies to tell you that the layout of your kitchen is important, but has anyone ever mentioned the work triangle before? If you’re unfamiliar with the term well it’s quite simple; imaging your sink, fridge and stove forming up into an invisible triangle. Each point represents those important parts of your kitchen.

At Kustom Contracting a lot of thought goes into our designs. Even if it’s a cookie cutter design for your home, there are plenty of things to plan and consider. When we build a kitchen and do the designs we think of all of ways to make your kitchen efficient and safe always. 

When designing and building a kitchen what works well is keeping each of those points in the work triangle to about 4-9 ft apart. Within that amount of room you’ll be able to maneuver just fine around the kitchen even with people around. Think about thanksgiving; the kitchen can get really crazy with all the dishes and people coming in and out. A generous amount of space can truly turns things around when it comes to stress or for some claustrophobia.

Whatever we design or any of the ideas that you have we’re always there every step of the way. Our design team will make suggestions and everything will be laid out for you to choose making the process fun and exciting for you.  At Kustom Contracting we spend a lot of time ensuring this kitchen is what you want. Our process is very organized and keeps you informed day to day with what we’re doing.   

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Picture: By Peter Oreilly - drawn myself, CC0, Link