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Our Process

1. Initial consultation. Our first on site consultation will cover 3 main topics. Scope of work, wish list and budget. 

2. Project Design Package. After deciding to move forward with the project, our design process begins. Here we will start with what we call the “Project Package” where you will deal one on one with our interior designers. We will finalize your floor plans/millwork plans/material selection/furniture to give us accurate details to price on. 

3. Design Presentation. Our next meeting will involve going over the design package in detail. We will also show you the 3D walk through of the project. This is a unique feature that allows us to place furniture and different finishes in the space giving you a better visual idea of your project! 

4. Scheduling. Moving forward we will now schedule in the project. You will be given a start date and a pre renovation list so you are prepared. 

5. Let the fun begin! Our team will now start on the scheduled date. You will be aware of the daily tasks as shown in the work schedule in the design package. Of course things change throughout the project.  Our work schedule is updated and changed as well so everything is clear on both ends!

6. All done! Now the project is done and ready for move in. Our cleaning team will ensure the house is spotless top to bottom. Upon project completion, you will move in and start to enjoy your new home. As shown in the payment schedule, there will always be a hold back to ensure customer satisfaction. Any deficiencies will be fixed and customer satisfaction guaranteed before the final payment will be made.