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Should I renovate my home or add an addition?

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A lot of our renovations projects have certain limits when it comes to the clients wish list. When doing a full home renovation, we have to work within the footprint of the house. Structural walls, partition walls and mechanical can not only affect the proposed layouts, but also limit us to any additional “rooms” that are desired. During our full interior design stage, we go over all the different options that we have. In some cases we are able to add an additional bedroom or office as requested. Other times it almost makes the home feel smaller. The next best option?! To do a home addition. 

When adding an addition or extension to your home, its always important to hire a qualified general contractor. There are tons of permits/inspections/trades/scheduling involved and you definitely don't want to hire somebody that specializes in bathroom renovations, that’s for sure. Here at Kustom Contracting, we are a full design build company that can take care of you every step of the way. Our in house interior designers paired up with our team of professional architects and engineers will have everything ready to start the construction process.

Prior to any construction, there’s a lot of back end prep and paper work. First of course would be the architectural drawings that will allow us to pull a permit. At this stage we would sit down with the clients and discuss proposed layouts, wants/needs, and timelines. Once the drawings are complete we will obtain any required permits. Once the town is satisfied, construction beings. Our team of experts will bring your home addition to life.

Doing a full renovation vs. addition are two different ball games. Obviously, doing a home extension will cost more than renovating what is currently there. There are many different options for doing an addition to your home such as: Keeping the existing foundation and going up another level (bungalows) or adding an addition off the sides/front or back of the home. Each of these options having their own challenges.

In the end, it all comes down to budget and wish list. Maybe an addition to your home isn’t within your budget. In that case we would better utilize the existing space and design accordingly. If your budget allows for an addition, then that’s the route to go. We offer our clients options based on both of these routes. We can provide rough numbers during the design phase for either or to help with the decision making before money is spent with an architect.

Thinking about doing an addition to your home but not sure where to start or what it may cost? Fill out our contact form and lets talk about it! We are your one stop shop for design and build projects. We hope to hear from you!