What we do

Design: We like to be involved with the design of any project prior to starting any project. Whether it be one of our designers or a clients. Design and layout is one obstacle, execution of the project is another. Working together on this with our team will ensure a smooth building process. We also work with the budget before any ideas are set in stone. Typically our design process is done months before the project start date to make sure everything is on track and decisions are make prior to your home being ripped apart!

Build: Upon design completion our skilled team of professionals will start the process. Our “design Package” will cover the entire scope of work, and more importantly the work schedule. This day to day schedule not only keeps us on track, but also keeps our clients up to date with what’s happening. Progress payments and design choices will also be shown in this calendar. Change order? No problem, paperwork will be done in a timely manner and the work schedule updated.

From bathrooms to custom homes, are team of experts is capable of bringing  your dream to life. Don’t want to move from you house but need to update? We are there for your home remodel. Need more space in your current house? Lets do an addition. Thinking of building your dream home? Working together with the architects and engineers, Kustom will be there every step of the way.

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